Golden Milk ~ an Ayurvedic Cure-All. And it tastes delicious!

I have recently been coming back to my love for Ayurveda - the ancient Hindu art of medicine and prolonging life. The origin of the word Ayurveda lies in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It stands for āyur- life, vital power + veda knowledge. So in short you could say that Ayurveda is the Knowledge of Life. I love how Ayurveda approaches dis-ease in a holistic, all encompassing way of Body, Mind and Soul. In Ayurveda illness is believed to be an imbalance of not only the body, but of the mind too and it approaches dis-ease not in a combat-we-must-fight-this manner, but much more in a "let's see what has gone out of balance here, and how can we lovingly re-establish that balance by working w

Making Moon Water

With a beautiful Full Super Moon in Taurus at 5:22 am early this morning (UK time), I prepared to create some more Moon water for Crystal Essence making overnight. Water is incredibly "programmable", horrid word I feel but it describes what i mean. Water can be infused with intention, energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted beautiful experiments with water, music and words which proved that water stores the energy of the intent or word it has been infused with. It is this magical process that we work with when we create essences or aura mists. If you haven't seen any of his work yet, you may like to watch this. When I create Moon water, I will either do it at my allot

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