Crystals to help with Self-Confidence

I often get asked about crystals that will help with self confidence, especially around the time of year when children go to school for the first time, and bullying and lack of confidence are an issue. We usually struggle with our self-worth and esteem when our already sensitive soul has been conditioned to believe it is less than others. This can happen several ways and whilst some are blatantly obvious (emotional blackmail, abuse, bullying etc) others may seem quite harmless but are no less damaging. Childhood conditionings are easily planted, and half the time we don't realise how devastating some actions and often used phrases by parents can be. If you were continuously reminded that

I wish you all Love /|\

Good morning Sweet Souls, I am just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Xmas. Merry Christmas, may the light shine brightly for you. Whilst so many awaken this morning to the magic of Christmas morning, the laughter of excited children, presents, and good times, I am deepening into my silence. The more silence I surround myself with, the more silence I crave. The gift of presence, presence with myself was the greatest gift I could give to myself and I am so glad I did. Stepping away from Social Media and daily pressures, to do whatever I please to do and just Be(e) has been immensely liberating and opened up the path for creativity and a much deeper awakening and awareness. A deep sense

Cinnamon & Ginger Love

It is Christmas Eve and I am baking delicious Cinnamon and Ginger biscuits. My home smells incredible. Sweet, spicy, warm, inviting ~ such a homely and comforting, yet invigorating and focusing smell. Being self-employed, I rarely get the chance to bake, but when I do, it will always involve wonderfully wholesome ayurvedic spices that will offer goodness for body and soul. Both cinnamon and ginger offer a range of incredible healing properties which help us fight the winter bugs and more serious illnesses. By including them in our every day diet, and by adding them to our treats, we help our bodies stay well. I also love cinnamon and ginger teas. My current favourites are Cinnamon & Liquori

A little Gift ~ Walking in Grace free download offer

Namaste Beautiful Souls /|\ I have a little gift for you this morning ~ <3 ~ Did you know I recorded a CD with Medwyn Goodall earlier this year? Not a quite a meditation but more of a contemplation journey with an A-Z of thoughts to ponder throughout the day. This CD is now available to download for free as a thank you for all who subscribe to my mailing list. Just visit my webpage, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email in the subscribe to mailing list box. You will receive a welcome email with a code and secret link to the free download page. Just follow the instructions and it is yours ~ <3 ~ If you have already subscribed, but would still like t

Crystals to help beat Colds and Flu.

Hello Sweet Souls, Many are suffering with the seasonal Flu and cold viruses at the moment, so I thought you might find it helpful to find out about crystals that can help you overcome the bug quicker. When I feel poorly with the lurgy, I tend to go back to the same crystals again and again. Aquamarine, Amber, Citrine, Garnet and Green Aventurine. They can be real allies in helping us heal faster by boosting our own healing powers into action. Aquamarine, Larimar & Blue Calcite When suffering with a bad chest and horrid cough, Aquamarine, Larimar and Blue Calcite can bring real relief, just by placing them on the centre of your chest and around the little hollow of your throat. When we suffe

Crystals to help relieve Insomnia ~ find blessed sleep.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Sleep often eludes me and I thought I would share which crystals often find their way into my bed with me to help me sleep <3 All of these help us slow the mind and relax the body. I often take a combination of several stones, and lately I have found Selenite, Howlite and Scolecite very helpful to find a much deeper, healthier sleep. Blue Lace Agate helps us enter a calmer state of mind and brings peace and serenity. It reminds us of blue skies and careless summer days, relaxing our muscles and letting of tension. White Howlite has the amazing ability to instantly stop the mind chatter. It blocks out the constant stream of thoughts and helps us enter

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