8 highly underrated crystals that create more harmony in our lives

Crystals and crystal healing are becoming more and more popular and mainstream in modern society. What once used be bit of an obscure healing modality is now becoming widely accepted and common practice. Hurrah for that! The crystalline realms have so much wisdom and healing to share, and they are contributing widely to a greater awakening across the globe. With the exceptional growth in general popularity, new finds make their way onto the market every year, and never seen before varieties - with the promise of ever higher states of consciousness to be achieved through them - find their way into our homes; often with a big price tag to match. Whilst many are scrambling to get a piece of the

The Power of Scent

Namaste Beautiful Souls, This morning I was reminded of the healing power of scent. "When the seasons shift, even the subtle beginning, the scent of a promised change, I feel something stir inside me. Hopefulness? Gratitude? Openness? Whatever it is, it's welcome." -Kristin Armstrong My 12-week old kitten currently needs lots of attention and playtime. She is very inquisitive, intelligent and highly active. She is also very easily bored. This morning I wondered what fun I could create for her this morning to have some excitement. I decided to make a den out of a box and filled it with the cut branches of the Christmas Tree which I haven't taken to the recycling yet. Added some feathers and g

An Awakened 2018 to You!

A Happy New Year to you All I am back in the world of Reality after having taken a complete time out over the Christmas period. I spent much of my time in silence and contemplation, away from social media and noise. I allowed myself to just Be, drifting between worlds, and listening deeply to whatever arose from the depths of my soul. This is a long post, but it feels important to share, so please bear with me. 2017 has been an incredible year for me. I entered into the year with a deep fatigue. My adrenals were screaming, my body, mind and soul depressed and worn out. 2 years of living in fight or flight survival mode had completely worn me out and I knew something had to give. Soon. I sen

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