The Magic of Smudging (and the science behind it)

For thousands of years, people have burnt medicinal herbs, resins, woods and spices in order to "cleanse" sacred spaces, homes, hospitals and sick-wards. It is an ancient practice found across many tribes, on all continents and within every belief system. Yet many are sceptic about this ancient ritual and happily dismiss it to be one of those "new age fads" - all a little crazy but if it makes them happy kind of attitude. However, something which has been taken so seriously for eons of time, cannot be completely ungrounded in truth. Our ancestors knew exactly what was good and what was harmful to them. Nature taught them how to survive and stay well by living in harmony with all that their e

Crystals to attract more Abundance into your Life

Cosmic Ordering, Law of Attraction, Manifesting your Dreams ~ whatever you want to call it ~ we are becoming increasingly aware of the beautiful magic we can create by focusing our intention through the power of thought and matching our vibration with what we wish to achieve. Want to speed up the process and enhance the message? Include crystals in your ceremony! There are lots of crystals that will help us in attracting more abundance ~ health, wealth and happiness ~ and by incorporating these within our little manifestation rituals we can intensify our message to the Universe and create a little abundance portal that will pull all the goodness in long after we have finished setting our int

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