Meditation CD

I never thought that I would be recording a Meditation CD. It was never something I aspired to or dreamt of. This CD was birthed after so many people said that I should record my voice ~ I run regular classes in personal and spiritual development, crystal healing and positive living ~ as it has such a soothing sound.  And in a mad moment I said yes, and before I knew it, the money appeared via gofundme. 


Then, finally in January 2017, I mustered all my courage. After a challenging 2016, the energies finally felt right to record.


To be honest, the word meditation CD doesn't seem right for this, as it is not your standard meditation track. I think the best way to describe it is Contemplation CD. Rather see it as a track you can play to seed your consciousness with thoughts to ponder for the day, just like you would a day card. If you are looking for a gentle track to take you on a guided meditation through some imaginary place, this is not for you. But if you would like to listen to some universal truths and gentle reminders that you are a divine spark, capable of anything, this may be just the thing.


I cannot thank Julie Frost, of Chakra Doodles enough, for allowing me to use one of her beautiful Doodles on the cover. Thank you also to Christine Carr of Turtle Soup Design for helping me with the cover. A massive thank you to all those who helped fund this project, without you this simply would not have been possible. You all know who you are. Thank you to my closest friends, who helped me keep the vision alive and overcome my fear. And thank you to Medwyn Goodall, who was amazing from beginning to the end and held me by the hand and safe throughout the whole process.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 




With all my love and heartfelt Love and Gratitude,



PS: A note to Apple ITune/IPad/IPhone users. Make sure you download onto your Computer / Laptop first and then transfer the file to your tablet or phone. Apple suppresses any sound files that are not uploaded via ITunes and you will not be able to play the file if downloaded onto your phone or tablet first.


Below are some Testimonials that I have received so far:




Alison: I listened to your CD again tonight...when I got out of the bath...I find your voice very soothing..yet the reflections..take me deeper into my's like being read a book...a bedtime story A -Z for the soul xx


Claire: That's a perfect way to describe it… is an A-Z for the soul.I found it very reflective made me think about my life and what needs to change.Don't doubt yourself Bee it's beautiful and unlike any other meditation I have listened to. ❤


Mel: It's an inspiring CD and I've not heard anything like it before. I have two favourite words which I carry with me know. Serendipity and also zone reminded me to treat myself to doing just that and have done it twice now since...each person will gain something very special from it and your voice is very calming xxx


Julie: Completely agree with the above comments. They are contemplations for the soul <3 Your voice is perfect and I felt so calm listening to you. :) XxX


Jayne: I listened initially expecting a ' meditation ' cd, but then I realised as I listened on that it was in fact an inspirational reminder to many of us already on our spiritual path and a very useful guide / reminder also to those lost souls, those who may be going through difficult times, that if we all follow these steps our lives will change. It made me stop and think, reminded me of things I'd been forgetting to do. I now look for the beauty in everything I can, I show gratitude for ALL. The first thought after I'd heard it was, " That's inspiring ", a nudge I needed to remind me to do these things. My days are much brighter again and I'm finding myself smiling again. Thank you Bee ❤ ❤ ❤


Clare: I've been thinking about what to write for some time but I'm still none the wiser! So difficult to put feelings into words. I agree with what the other lovely ladies have written already, that it's not a meditation CD but much more and very different. I love every second of it and have listened several times. It's definitely soul food, nourishing, self care and a guide for the soul. Thank you so very much for creating this beautiful experience xxx