1-2-1 Crystal Connection Tuition

1-2-1 Crystal Connection Tuition


You may have always felt drawn to crystals and even have quite a few in your home, but you don't quite know how to connect to them in such a way that you can truly experience the deep healing they have to share with us but would like to learn how?


Would you like to learn how to choose, connect and work with them on a much deeper, intuitive level so that you can truly benefit from their healing powers?


Let me guide you into this deeper connection and help you understand the many ways that crystals speak to us. I will take you on a guided meditation journey to enhance your intuitive powers and show you a way of truly connecting and listening to the wisdom of the crystal realm. I will also show you the basics of how to look after the crystalline beings in your care and how to use simple crystal nets to maximise the healing benefits of the crystals.


These sessions will usually last about an hour and take place via Skype or Facebook chat with the camera setting (this is so I can guide and see you), so please only book this service if you can connect to these streaming modalities easily and without any problems. I will contact you once I have received your order to find an agreeable date/time for our session together and finalise the booking.


Please ignore the invitation to download your file at the checkout. This is the only way I can offer this service without postage cost at the moment :)