Clear Space Aura / Room Crystal Essence Spray


Clear Space is now back in stock <3  

£8 per 50ml atomiser spray bottle (plus postage) ~  ~

Created with the essence of a mixture of very pure, high vibration crystals and deep ceremony, this room / aura spray will help clear any stagnant or negative energies. Enriched with a couple of drops of 100% pure White Sage Oil (wild harvested) from Californai/ The United States, this essence will instantly clear the aura and atmosphere of any negativity and stagnant energies, making room for fresh, light energy and ideas . 

Below are some testimonials about my Aura / Room Sprays 


"Bee from Crystal Dreams has a unique talent to produce some of the most stunning aura mists/sprays that I have ever used.
Created in small batches using sacred ceremony at auspicious times, these essences are fully laden with beautiful intent.
I just received my recent batch from Bee and I sincerely hope that they last longer than they normally do.

Tim Whild /"


"I've been lucky enough to try the Lions Gate essence and have to say it's really given me a kick up the backside I was needing to get things moving - to the point I'm running at about 1 million miles an hour! But seriously - I was cautioned it's not for beginners starting on their journey and wiser words I have never heard. This one does not pull any punches and forces you to look at things in great detail - which for those starting out can be pretty hard going. Luckily this is something I am and have been doing for quite some time  thanks Bee xxx

Cheryl McGregor ~ Dragon Ascension Therapies"


"I am blessed to have the chakra essences in my practice. I find they blend very synergystically into my massage, reiki, crystal and sound therapy. I have very positive feedback from my clients. The aroma is beautiful. They are an absolute pleasure to work with xx

Lucinda Walton ~ Serendipity by the Sea ~ Holistic Therapist


"I have used a few from Bee Bee and my go to one is the Violet Flame it immediatley clears my energy and the energy in the room and great to create the atmosphere for self healing or meditation, also really helps me sleep xx

Yvonne Watson"