My latest Mala 💕 "Protection" ~ with Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz and Tiger Eye. This is a strong, grounding and protective Mala which helps shield against negative energy in all its forms - negative thoughts and emotions, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), geomagnetic and solar flare stress and psychic attack. A life-saver for highly sensitives and empaths, who absorb foreign energies all too easily, this Mala helps shield the wearer by absorbing and transmuting these energies back into source. £44


With 108 beads plus the Guru bead as shown on the picture. Every 9th bead is marked by stainless steel spacers. The beads are 8mm in size and are strung onto an elastic thread, and it is meant to be worn as a bracelet rather than a necklace as these malas have quite a bit of weight. One size fits all, just wrap around your wrist. If you find that it doesn't fit snuggly, make it a loose-fit by twisting the last loop a couple of times. It is how I prefer to wear mine anyway :) 


Please note that the elastic will stretch over time, especially if you overstretch it continuously by wrapping it too tight. The colours of the beads will always vary slightly to the ones on the pictures here as crystal is a natural product and different batches of beads will vary slightly in colour & general look because of this. Such is the beauty of Mother Nature - all is unique :) 

Protection Mala