You are not what you think you are. You are what you BELIEVE you are.

Let me explain...

Sit quietly, take a couple of deep breaths and then ask yourself this question: "Who Am I?" and see what arises. Now do the same again, but ask yourself this: "Who do I BELIEVE I Am?" Did you notice that shift from your head (mind) down to your heart and perhaps even belly area? And that is where the difference and the magic lies!

When you ask yourself the question "Who am I" your mind will readily conjure up all the images and ideas it would have you believe you are. And the whole process takes place in your head, your mind. Your Ego has the front seat here and it will gladly present you with all sorts of "labels" of what you (it) thinks you are. And you may find that there may be a large dose of wishful thinking involved.

When, however, you shift your consciousness towards the "Who do I BELIEVE I Am", something else begins to speak. You connect with your soul, your heart and your sacral chakra, because that is where the truth of your beliefs is found. You begin to question your own thoughts and feelings about yourself and begin to realise that you carry so much more deep within you. There are so many conditionings, imprints and labels stamped upon you by others repeatedly from early childhood on, that you may have accepted these deep into your core, and you now BELIEVE this is your truth.

But is it? Is this your truth? I ask you this very important question. Are your beliefs about yourself your truth? Unless you have cracked the Self-Acceptance and Self-Love healing process and code fully, I would wager that the answer is a definite NO.

So today, I invite you to do this simple exercise:: Jot down 5 or 10 different "labels" you or others label you with and explore them for them today. For example: Gender, age, religion, ethnic background, marital status, body etc, And how do my beliefs about any of these labels influence me? For example: how do my thoughts about age(ing) influence my life? Is age important to me? Do I mind aging or not? You get my gist...

Sit with them and search deep within yourself... ask yourself questions like: Does this label limit me in any way? Is it a label I gave myself or is it something others? How does it define me? Am I happy with that? And if you are not... isn't it time to let go of that label?

By examining our beliefs in this way, we gain a deep awareness of what thoughts and self beliefs are really shaping our life and which ones are holding us back, and, more importantly, represent our truth - or not! Only in becoming aware, we can begin to heal our self sabotaging thoughts and become more whole and happy within our SELF.

With Love,

BeeBee xxx

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