Boji Stones ~ Balancing Yin & Yang

"I lost one of my Boji Stones. Can I just replace the missing one?"

I had a great question about Boji Stones some time ago. Somebody had lost the male piece of their Boji Stone pair and were wondering whether to just replace the male stone, or whether to just buy a new pair.

What a lot of people don't know is that they are paired when mined at their birthplace, a particular region in Kansas, which is now called Boji Mountain. The male is much rougher than the female, and has many protrusions and sticky-outy bits, very much like pyrite but not as pronounced. The female is usually smaller with a much smoother surface. Bojis tend to be found or "birthed" out of the Earth together, and, very much like us humans, a well matched pair has a very strong energetic (magnetic) bond which is unique and irreplaceable. So when one goes missing, or disintegrates (more about that in a minute) just finding another one to replace the one that has gone walkabouts may not work. The magic of the twin flame energy may have been lost and the healing power diminished greatly.

So what exactly are Boji Stones?

Bojis are iron-magnetite concretions also called Marcasite. I find Boji stones one of the most grounding and balancing stones ever. They have electromagnetic properties, which gives them the polarising energy - a true yin and yang - and this is their beautiful healing gift to us ~ restoring the balance within, physically, mentally & on a soul level.

Because of their electromagnetic nature, Boji's will help us balance our chakras, nadis, meridians, and well anything that is out of keel really. Place them on areas of pain and discomfort (pain and illness are simply signs that the natural balance has been disturbed), and they will help restore equilibrium and reduce inflammation and discomfort. Hold one in each hand when feeling out of sorts emotionally, and you will notice a deeply grounding and centering energy running through you . This flow will soon leave you feeling calmer, rejuvenated and restored to a deeper harmony within.

There may be days you will just want to work with one or the other, but to be honest, I prefer to use them as a pair always. It is in their deeply bonded energy that the healing magic lies <3

There is something magical about these stones. Just like Moqui Marbles, they are said to be "alive". It is said that it is the Chi ~ the Life Force contained within ~ which holds the comound of minerals together. Ancient Native lore has it that if you neglect the stones, they will disintegrate and fall apart to nothingness. When the stone's energy is lost, it changes its structure and hardness - from roundabout 7 on the Mohs scale to just a scattering of dust. Geologists are both fascinated and puzzled by this "behaviour" of both Boji Stones and Moqui Marbles.

Bojis are also wonderful helpers in removing any blockages within that are holding us back from achieving our goals and aims, especially those that keep us caught in the loop of self-sabotage on the road of success and growth.

Please don't ever cleanse Bojis with water, as this will be the beginning of their end. Instead, just give them a good dusting with a natural brush, clear them with by using sound therapy (use a crystal bowl, some ting-chas or drums) and then recharge them in the sun.

Love them, work with them, honour them. Boji Stones are incredibly valuable crystalline companions, especially in these times of unrest and both global and personal change - for they have much love and healing to share.

As always, please feel free to share this article <3 As a matter of fact I would be dleighted if you would!

With much Love and Gratitude,

BeeBee @ Crystal Dreams

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