The 10:10:10 Portal ~ New Beginnings

You may have seen quite a few posts today about the 10:10 portal. What's it all about?

Everything is Energy; Frequency!

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy."

~ Albert Einstein

The whole universe is made up out of frequency, which, ultimately is expressed in series of mathematical numbers - wavelengths. Numerology tells us that there lies deep power and wisdom within each number, Each one holds a very specific frequency and energy and we can harness this energetic signature by tuning in and amplifying the energy through intent. Numerology is a whole science in itself, but I will try give you a short overview a little further below.

Each month offers its own magic number energy portal on the day that the number of the month and the number of the day match: i.e. 1:1, 2:2, 8:8 or like today, 10:10. When the number is matched again by the year that we are currently in, then an extra powerful portal is opened and activated.

Numerology ~ A science in itself

But first things first. If you are new to numerology, let me try explain how the numbers are calculated and "reduced" to a single number, and give you an overview of their energetic properties. In order to end up with the frequency / number of a certain date, you simply add the numbers up one by one, so 1+0 / 1+0 /2+0+1+7 = 1/1/10 = 1/1/1.. Any result above 1 digit gets reduced to a single number, so for example 1973 would be 1+9+7+3 = 20 + 2+0 = 2. Below is a short summary of what each number stands for energetically:

1 = Independent, ambitious, leader, initiator, protector, new beginning 2 = Negotiator, peace-maker, romantic, nostalgic, behind the scenes 3 = Communicator, social, entertainer, writer, speaker, booster, joyous 4 = organizer, worker, fair judge, pillar of community, rigid, provider, physical 5 = Free spirit, explorer, traveler, talented, salesman 6 = Responsible, caring. compassionate, doctor, counselor, decorator, cosmic parent 7 = Seeker, analyzer, problem solver, different, introspective, observer 8 = Manager, businessman, leader, ambitious, desires the finest, status seeking 9 = Humanitarian, social mover, idealist, perfectionist, completion emotional

Then there are the master numbers, which stand alone and do not get reduced to a single digit:

11/2 The Master Philosopher, also called the Awakening Code.

The eleven is to provide illumination to mankind. A person with this energy has much inner wisdom and a charisma that draws others to them. They are high level teachers and counselors. They are on an inner directed mission. Their psychic abilities are highly developed.

22/4 The Master Builder:

The 22 will build a tangible evidence on a grand scale of his or her life. This is the energy of world leaders, CEO's of multinational corporations and founders of major medical or educational institutions. It is their dream that brings together the necessary people and resources to create the reality.

33/6 The Master Teacher: Also the number associated with the Ascended Masters

The 33 has a need to communicate the knowledge of the ages. If they do not share this inner depth they will stagnate or turn negative. They find original ways to encourage learning. The 33 often teaches through the arts or medicine. They are in the forefront of the search for truth.

44/8 The Master Manager: Also the number representing the Angelic Realm.

As the 44 learns to synthesize the physical plane with the higher realms, he or she becomes the conscious bridge between these worlds. The 44 will learn to be a creator, able to manifest at will whatever is held in desire.

Now coming back to the 10/10/10 portal today, which, when reduced comes back to 1/1/1. Number ONE is all about the energetic reset, the new beginning, the empty page. 1 is the first number to actually hold a value (as 0 doesn't hold a value as such) and is all about the value of the "self" and self-realisation. One-ness, which translates into Wholeness. In Tarot this number would be represented by the card of the Fool, who sets out into the world, in total innocence and anticipation of a great adventure ahead. If we take the number 0 into the equation, an entirely new energy comes into play, the energy of the cosmic void, infinity, omnipotent potential. It is the moment when the Fool (1) learns to alchemise the potentiality of the void (0) in order to manifest the Life he dreams of, that he progresses to the "Magician", transcending the laws of 3D reality and moving on to the incredible possibilities of 5D reality. This is the true meaning of Self-Mastery.

There can be no such thing as a new beginning without an end, so today also represents a death of some kind. The completion of a journey, a chapter, another period of growth and learning on this incredible journey that we are all on. We are leaving a part of us behind, making way for new learnings, new experiences, new wisdom.

And such is the gift of the 10/10/10 portal... a wonderful opportunity to harness the energy of the number One and all its wonderful qualities of leadership, independence, strength and new beginnings AND the fascinating energy of the number 0 ~ the cosmic void, the nothing and the all, the Alpha and Omega, with all its promises of infinite, boundless creative energy. We become the Magician, who has learnt to master the chaos of the void, by structuring it with his intent in order to create his own desired reality. This is represented by the number 8, the infinity symbol, which floats above his crown chakra in the Tarot card. By giving the 0 a twist, and bending what is into his desired outcome, he has learnt to manifest his dreams and intentions.

Now, the frequency of the 10:10:10 portal is simply there for all today, so even if you were not tuned in and knew nothing about any of these portals or numerology, there would still be energetic shifts within the soul, which you may or may not be aware of. So in some ways, everyone on the planet receives an energetic "upgrade" of some sort, simply by that specific "frequency" being present on this particular day. The true magic, however, happens when we awaken to the power of these portals and utilise the energy present on that day.

Quantum Physics and the Law Of Attraction

The Law of attraction teaches that whatever we focus on will increase in energy and will be more attracted to us. Quantum physics goes a step beyond and proves that we "manifest" energy simply by thinking about it. In other words, it is our thought that creates the energy out of the quantum soup of omnipotent potential into manifest "matter". Mind boggling, I know, but it proves all the old wisdom teachings about the laws of attraction and .manifestation are right. Isn't that amazing? And..., better even, when we focus our intent onto the thought-manifestation, it is amplified a million-fold and the universe conspires by aligning everything for us and making it happen. So by focusing on and honouring the 10/10/10 energy of New Beginnings, we can manifest the desired new beginning in a much more creative and focused way.

Celebrate the day with a Ceremony!

Below are some ideas of how you can honour today's portal and empower your own intentions for the New Beginning:

- Sit with the energy of the numbers 1 and 0 today. Meditate on them, think about how they make you feel and what they represent for you. Become ONE with the energy of these numbers and see what it stirs within you.

- Honour how far you have come, thank the Universe for all the blessings you have received so far and state your intentions for the coming cycle. You may like to sit down and create a wish list of what you would like to achieve in the coming year.

- Celebrate the new beginning in ceremony, you can make it as simple or as ornate as you feel comfortable with. Create a little sacred space, decorate it with things that seem relevant and important to you today, and incorporate your list of intentions into the space. You may like to light a single white candle to represent the new beginning. Choose some powerful affirmations and repeat them to yourself. You could repeat each 10 times in order to connect with the energy on an even deeper level.

- You may wish to address the Angel of New Beginnings, Gazardiel, to carry your wishes into the higher realms. Gazardiel holds dominion over the rising sun, and this angel encourages new beginnings, awakening and enlightenment. You can invoke Gazardiel by calling his name and saying this prayer: "Angel of New Beginnings, I AM ready to make a fresh start. And I AM prepared to receive the enlightenment that I have been praying for. Help me to maintain my focus and embrace these new beginnings with excitement, certainty and joy."

- You may like to create a Crystal Grid to honour the day. Pick crystals that represent new beginnings and fresh growth to you, so you could choose clear, white and green ones especially to empower your vision and intention for the new cycle beginning today. Clear and Milky Quartz, Selenite, Green Aventurine, Green Moss Agate, Green Fluorite and Jade are just a few ideas, get creative! You could pop your list of intentions into the center of the grid or underneath the gridding template you are using.

- At the end of the day, just before you go to sleep, you may like to close the day by re-stating your intentions, thanking the Universe for its unconditional support in everything you do and asking your guardians to send you dreams and messages to let you know your intentions and prayers were indeed received, and all is in hand!

Wishing you all a happy manifesting day!

With all my Love,

BeeBee xxx

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