Scolecite. Inner Peace ~ Serenity ~ Calm ~ Healing

Good morning Sweet Souls,

"Come, come hide between my Pinions of Peace. Rest. Be easy, breathe. Soft and gentle is my embrace, as I wrap my wings around you. Forget your woes and worries, weary Warrior of Light, be comforted within the wings of an Angel." This is what Scolecite whispered to me. Below you will find my insights on this beautiful crystal. I hope you find it helpful. Enjoy <3 Scolecite Inner Peace ~ Serenity ~ Calm ~ Healing "Come, come hide between my Pinions of unconditional Love. Rest. Be easy, Be at peace. Soft and gentle is my embrace, as I wrap my wings around you. Forget your woes and worries, weary Warrior of Light, be comforted by the wings of an Angel." Scolecite has the most beautiful calming, gentle energy. It activates and stimulates the heart, higher heart, causal and crown chakras, helping us remember that we are all connected and never alone. It (re)connects us not only with our inner temple and soul, but also facilitates and strengthens our communications with our guides and the lofty heights of the Angelic Realms, especially the Elohim, Seraphim and Powers I feel. It envelopes us in a bubble of soft white light, where nothing can disturb our inner peace and deep knowing that all is well. Scolecite is especially helpful for those who tend to be nervous, anxious and constantly worrying. It is a wonderful friend for those who suffer with panic attacks. It instantly calms the nervous system and overactive mind and helps the body relax. Reminding us to reconnect to our breath, it brings about a state of calm, serenity and mindfulness. It is an immense aid for those who are finding it hard to sleep. Not only does it stop the Merry-Go-Round of thoughts, helping us to slip into the blessed realm of sleep, but it also helps us find a much deeper, restful and healing sleep, often accompanied by sweet dreams. Because of its calming and gently uplifting energies, Scolecite is also wonderful tool for those wanting to find a deeper state in meditation. It instantly shuts down the mind chatter and helps us find that beautiful stillness deep within. It beautifully aligns our higher self with our inner and cosmic truth, bringing a sense of clarity and direction of our purpose here on Earth. It is also a beautiful gift for those who are going through trauma or a spell of dis~ease. By lifting us into the higher vibrational planes, it gently releases blockages we may be carrying within our physical bodies as well as our auric fields, purifying our energies and thus facilitating a much quicker healing process. For those who are embarking on the journey of return to source, it may be a wonderful friend in finding peace and comfort in the process of letting go and stepping through the veil. Scolecite carries a deep connection with Swan energy. It reminds us of the gift of innocence, grace and purity, helping us carry the burdens of life with dignity and ease. It helps us integrate and understand and work our way through our earthly lessons quicker, embracing our journey and our obstacles with the energy of love and compassion, rather than anger and frustration. Just by placing a couple of pieces of Scolecite throughout the house, you will find that the energies are more aligned, peaceful and wholesome. It is also immensely helpful for any therapists and healers, where it gently holds a sacred space not only for those seeking healing, but also those who so lovingly give from their heart In Love, Bee Bee xxx Please feel free to share, as always <3

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