Just Sungazing ~ a powerful practice to increase your energy levels and zest for life.

I practice Sungazing every morning. Sunrise is one of the most potent times of the day and those who know me, know that I am a perpetual early riser. I tend to get up at 5, practice 20 minutes of meditation, then 30 minutes of yoga. After that, I go for an hour's walk with my dog along the coast path to greet the sun. I am very fortunate that where I live is not only stunningly beautiful, but I am also facing South, so by turning to the East, I am blessed to witness the rising sun every morning, weather permitting of course.

Sungazing is part of my personal spiritual practice. I resonate much more with the Sun than with the Moon (although both are equally important) and always feel revitalised, energised and restored to equilibrium when soaking up the rays of the sun. Whilst watching the sun rise in all its majesty and fanfare of colours, sometimes golden orange, sometimes pink, I greet the day with immense gratitude and excitement of what lies ahead and speak a little prayer of a blessing upon the rising of the day. It is always such a humbling experience when light conquers the darkness, and the promise of a thousand new opportunities fills the moment. Hope and faith are restored.

There are very few people who (wish and manage to) achieve the vastly advanced state of not needing any other nourishment other than the breath (breatharians) and/or the sun (sungazers), but I have met one or two and the light that these souls carry is amazing! I am nowhere near that kind of state, but I have re-embraced the powerful solar energy since the Lion's Gate in August, and the result is becoming very tangible!

Sungazing has proven to be beneficial for those who suffer from the SAD Syndrome, depression, and lethargy. It is also believed to:

- suppress appetite - increase melatonin and serotonin levels

- increase Vitamin D levels - increase intuition & psychic awareness - improvement of eyesight and vision - increase of general energy levels - Chi - in general. - increase in libido and stamina - raised awareness and higher consciouness levels - increase in feeling at one and at peace with the world - decalcifies the pineal gland - increases general mental and physical wellbeing and health.

You can try it yourself:

Only do this at and within 30 minutes of sunrise or 30 minutes before sunset, as the direct rays of the sun WILL damage your eyes else! Start with only 10 seconds and increase a little whenever you feel comfortable with that. Ground yourself first, connect powerfully with the earth. Be barefoot if you can, or sit on the earth and really feel the connection.

Don't look directly into the center of the sun, but rather gaze at its forever changing rays by either looking at the sun but not focussing fully on it, or by looking fairly directly, but through squinted eyes. Safer even though - close your eyes and "watch" the sun climb the horizon with your third eye and rest of the body.

Connect energetically to the rays and feel the energy fill your body. Drink it in, soak it up through your skin, and let it pulsate through every inch of your body. Let the energy course through your body and wash you clean inside and out. Feel the warmth & energy in all of your bodies, physical and ethereal.

If you are doing this at Sunrise, greet the day with gratitude and thanks for another day of opportunities, sharing and learning. You may like to say a little prayer or whisper a blessing on the day.

If you are doing this at Sunset, close the day with gratitude for all the amazing opportunities, experiences and lessons you witnessed this day. Let go of anything that bothered you that day, stress, an argument, a negative feeling or happening. Release it into the rays of the sun so it can be transmuted into the light. You may like to speak a little prayer or whisper a blessing upon the day and upcoming night, asking for restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Give it a try for a couple of days, you may be surprised at the results!

With Love,

BeeBee xxx

As always, please feel free to share


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