Crystals to help relieve Insomnia ~ find blessed sleep.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Sleep often eludes me and I thought I would share which crystals often find their way into my bed with me to help me sleep <3 All of these help us slow the mind and relax the body. I often take a combination of several stones, and lately I have found Selenite, Howlite and Scolecite very helpful to find a much deeper, healthier sleep. Blue Lace Agate helps us enter a calmer state of mind and brings peace and serenity. It reminds us of blue skies and careless summer days, relaxing our muscles and letting of tension. White Howlite has the amazing ability to instantly stop the mind chatter. It blocks out the constant stream of thoughts and helps us enter the void - peace and stillness.

Selenite, named after the Moon Goddess Selene, can help us enter into that sleepy dreamy state. Have a play around with this though, as for some, the strong connection with the moon can have a stimulating effect rather than the slowing down. Manganese Calcite helps us feel safe and secure and cloaked in a beautiful, gentle blanket of the softest pink. The Angelic realm steps close, bringing comfort and love. It soothes the inner child in us and calms the fears of that scared little soul deep within <3 Rose Quartz soothes our heart and worries. It helps us let go and just enter into that place of love where we realise that all is well and we are doing the best we can. All is well.

Scolecite, the embrace of an Angel's wing. Let yourself be soothed in this caress of pure, unconditional love. Amethyst, just like Rose Quartz, has a soothing effect on our whole being and helps us let go of and transmute any worries and fears. Rhodochrosite. Ah, the delights of floating around in a strawberry milkshake stream in the land of Dreams, where all is possible and full of rosy love. Celestite instantly takes us into a state of serenity, detachment and tranquillity.

So next time time you find yourself on a merry- go-round at night and can't switch off ~ try some of these under your pillow, or simply holding them in your hand. I am sure they will help you drift off <3 xxx

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