Crystals to help beat Colds and Flu.

Hello Sweet Souls,

Many are suffering with the seasonal Flu and cold viruses at the moment, so I thought you might find it helpful to find out about crystals that can help you overcome the bug quicker.

When I feel poorly with the lurgy, I tend to go back to the same crystals again and again. Aquamarine, Amber, Citrine, Garnet and Green Aventurine. They can be real allies in helping us heal faster by boosting our own healing powers into action.

Aquamarine, Larimar & Blue Calcite

When suffering with a bad chest and horrid cough, Aquamarine, Larimar and Blue Calcite can bring real relief, just by placing them on the centre of your chest and around the little hollow of your throat. When we suffer with a cough, we have an excess of fluids in our lungs. All of the above crystals resonate with the element of water and have a cooling, soothing effect, and will help you eliminate the excess of mucous in your body.


Amber is a wonderful natural antibiotic and powerful cleanser and detoxer. It boosts our immune system and enables our own healing power to do what it needs to do. Amber is a petrified tree resin and therefore not only resonates with our solar plexus but also our lungs (trees are the lungs of the world, after all, and just think of the healing power of frankincense, which is a tree gum too) and will therefore also bring much needed relief if we suffer with a heavy chest and bunged up nose.


Citrine, which reminds me of liquid sunshine, brings us the golden ray of the sun and healing. Sunlight is one of the most powerful natural sterilizers around and boosts of our immune system. Leave a glass of water out in sunlight for 6 hours and the UV rays in the light will destroy the microbes and make the water safe to drink. And those of you who suffer from SAD or vitamin D sufficiency will know just how much more energy and health sunlight brings about. Citrine is one of those crystals that does just that for us, it helps us rid our system of any viruses and bugs, and brings that gorgeous happy golden ray. It lifts our spirits, boost our energy and will help us kick start those innate healing powers into action!


Garnet to me is the holy grail of Life Force ~ Chi. We often feel totally zapped of energy when down with a virus, and Garnet will help us boost those energy levels back up. It also aids in the movement of our blood circulation, which of course helps the body get rid of any toxins. It increases our lung volume and heart capacity and helps us feel less lethargic. Blood and Breath is life, remember. Some of you may find Garnet a little too strong in the beginning, and it is advisable to use Garnet with caution if you suffer with any heart conditions or high blood pressure. Use Ametrine instead if this is the case.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the stone of health and well being. It realigns and balances our whole system and by brining in the green ray of healing, enforces our immune system and healing capacity. It also brings a gentle joy and sense of acceptance, helping us be gentle with ourselves during the healing process and not rushing things.


Bloodstone is one of those quiet, unassuming, often overlooked crystals that should be in everyone's Crystal First Aid kit. Bloodstone is a powerful yet gentle detoxer and boosts our immune system and healthy blood levels. Blood is responsible for the fast delivery of white bloods cells, which are our internal policing agents, protecting the body against infectious disease and invaders. They are responsible for the activation of our immune system. Blood is also responisble for providing the cells with nutrients, transporting hormones and removal of waste products, which the liver, the kidneys or the intestine, for example, then get rid of. Healthy blood = strong immune system = quicker healing!

You can use all these stones by simply having them around you, but best have them on your skin. Pop them under your pillow while you sleep, and keep them close to you during the day.

Also indulge in hot baths with Epsom and Himalayan salts and a couple of drops of essential oils such as Eucalytpus,, Mint, Thyme, Lavender & Pine for respiratory relief and a couple of drops of Ginger, Rosemary, Juniper or Black Pepper if you just cannot get warm. It will also bring much needed relief for sore muscles and stiffness that we so often get with colds and flu..

And I needn't tell you this, but the best remedy is still rest. Stay warm, cosy, drink plenty of fluids, especially Lemon and Ginger tea, and just be kind to yourself. See the imposed rest as a wonderful opportunity to do absolutely nothing, watch favourite movies, read books, journal and just be nourished for a while.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, be well real soon.

In Loving Gratitude,

Bee Bee xxx

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