A little Gift ~ Walking in Grace free download offer

Namaste Beautiful Souls /|\

I have a little gift for you this morning ~ <3 ~

Did you know I recorded a CD with Medwyn Goodall earlier this year? Not a quite a meditation but more of a contemplation journey with an A-Z of thoughts to ponder throughout the day.

This CD is now available to download for free as a thank you for all who subscribe to my mailing list. Just visit my webpage www.crystaldreams.love, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email in the subscribe to mailing list box.

You will receive a welcome email with a code and secret link to the free download page. Just follow the instructions and it is yours ~ <3 ~

If you have already subscribed, but would still like to download the CD: just subscribe again. You will receive the email all the same.

With Love,

BeeBee xxx

PS: please let me know if you are experiencing any problems, and I will send the files to you in a different way.

With special thanks to Julie Frost of Chakra Doodles for my amazing personal Chakra Doodles by Julie Frost and Christine Carr of TurtleMoon for creating the CD Cover.

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