Crystals to help with Self-Confidence

I often get asked about crystals that will help with self confidence, especially around the time of year when children go to school for the first time, and bullying and lack of confidence are an issue. We usually struggle with our self-worth and esteem when our already sensitive soul has been conditioned to believe it is less than others. This can happen several ways and whilst some are blatantly obvious (emotional blackmail, abuse, bullying etc) others may seem quite harmless but are no less damaging.

Childhood conditionings are easily planted, and half the time we don't realise how devastating some actions and often used phrases by parents can be. If you were continuously reminded that others should always come first, that you should always be humble, unassuming, not speak out of turn, that children should be seen and not heard, money doesn't grow on trees, etc.then chances are that some self-limiting beliefs have been planted deep within you which you may not even be aware of. These manifest as blockages of our Solar Plexus area, and a negative self image is the result. Lack of confidence, insecurities,difficulty in defining boundaries, anxiety and nervous tension, procrastination, feeling guilty for taking me-time, and apologising for everything and everyone, even when the situation has nothing to do with you ~ are emotional manifestations of a Solar Plexus that is out of balance or blocked. All of the above is often accompanied by disorders of the digestive tract. We struggle with a nervous tummy, acid reflux, weak digestion, feeling nauseous for no apparent reason, heartburn and well, you get my drift. We can't stomach life very well. The other chakra that usually becomes blocked at the same time is the Throat Chakra, where we are finding it difficult to express our truth in adult life. In my experience, I have found that usually both need healing and balancing, yet when the Solar Plexus is strengthened, the Throat often slowly clears too <3 Working with certain crystals can help clear patterns and re-balance the Solar Plexus, especially when combined with other life-affirming methods of positive living, such as meditation, yoga, daily affirmations and gentle excercise. Below is a list of crystals that will help us become happier and more balanced within ourselves, stronger, more courageous and able to clearly define our boundaries. They help allow us to just BE who we are and shine our light. This list is by no means extensive, but these are some of those that are easily accessible and won't cost the earth.


Citrine, gorgeous, happy, sunshiney Citrine will help clear blockages, infuse our soul with beautiful golden light and lift the spirits instantly. If you are feeling low or inadequate, sit with Citrine for half an hour. You will feel the difference, trust me ^_^


Pyrite, a very male energy, will empower us to stand firmly in life and radiate our beauty. It grounds us deeply and when we are fully grounded, nothing can really push us over.


Carnelian, the beautiful Orange Red depths of strength, perseverance and courage. This is a helpful stone for women in particular, as it helps us reconnect with the life giving force of our wombs, helping us rebirth a stronger, even more beautiful version of ourselves.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite. I cannot look at an Orange Calcite without breaking into a smile. Reminding me of beautiful citrus fruits and the delicious, uplifting smells, they lift our moods, remind us that there is always a reason to smile and that life is beautiful really, as are we.

Golden Calcite

Golden Calcite. Ah, the golden rainbow delights of this beautiful crystal <3 This is one of my personal favourites and in a nutshell, it soothes our inner child and brings hope and a deep belief that yes, we can do this. Of course we can!


Garnet is pure Chi - Life Force. Deeply grounding, it reconnects us with our deepest passions and will. It helps us redefine and reinvent ourselves,infusing us with renewed drive, courage and strength. It brings out the fire in us.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye. The majesty of a tiger cannot be denied. Tiger eye reminds us of our own divine spark, our own divine majesty. And sometimes we need to remember that it is ok to roar ;)


Amber. Oh so gentle but oh so strong. Pure, liquid, honey-coloured sunshine, it purifies and detoxes our body from harmful substances, and our minds from self-limiting, harming beliefs. It helps us believe in ourselves and reminds us to never give up on our dreams <3

Vanadinite Vanadinite helps us with our creative expression in every form. It sparks the fire within and coaxes us out of the wall flower mode. Dare to shine your colours <3


Malachite is a strong, powerful stone. It speaks of royalty and loyalty and freedom to be just who we are. Who would dare question a king or queen? Remember: You are a King or a Queen. A Goddess, A Warrior. Stand tall!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli. Another stone with strong links to power, royalty, kings and queens and ancient Egypt. It helps us see clearly who we are and develops the courage to stand in our truth. It empowers us to choose our friends wisely and surround us with those who truly resonate with us. Your tribe.


Sunstone. The deliciousness of golden-orange flecked Sunstone is undeniable. It reminds of beautiful, fiery sunsets and long lazy summer days when all is well.

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper links with the energy of the Bees and Wasps, always busy and productive, creating the nectar of life ~ the precious honey. But don't mess with them, or you will feel the sting! Bumble Bee Japser helps those who find it difficult to clearly define their boundaries. It is ok to say NO!

I AM exercise

A powerful exercise to do every morning is to repeat an I AM mantra during meditation whilst holding one of the above mentioned crystals or to create a circle of some or all of them around you and sit in the middle. Repeat qualities that you wish you had (which you all have but you have just forgotten for the moment ;) ) after the "I AM", so I AM Beautiful I AM Strong I AM Confident I AM Lovable I AM Focused etc. until you can really feel it. You may have days where you really are not feeling it, but just keep repeating for a while and soon you will feel things shifting <3 This is a very empowering thing to do for yourself when you struggle with your self worth and esteem and yet doesn't need to take much time out of your day. It is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself :)

With Love,

Bee Bee xxx

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