The Power of Scent

Namaste Beautiful Souls,

This morning I was reminded of the healing power of scent.

"When the seasons shift, even the subtle beginning, the scent of a promised change, I feel something stir inside me. Hopefulness? Gratitude? Openness? Whatever it is, it's welcome." -Kristin Armstrong

My 12-week old kitten currently needs lots of attention and playtime. She is very inquisitive, intelligent and highly active. She is also very easily bored. This morning I wondered what fun I could create for her this morning to have some excitement. I decided to make a den out of a box and filled it with the cut branches of the Christmas Tree which I haven't taken to the recycling yet. Added some feathers and great fun was had.

Whilst she was playing, bruising, chewing and crushing the pine needles, the wonderful, totally natural scent of Pine filled my home again. I noticed how both the kitten and I instantly relaxed. Blossom actually went back to sleep very quickly, and I just sat here inhaling this deeply healing scent. Whilst my body relaxed and released tension, my mind became peaceful, yet focussed and aware. A deep clarity unfolded and I went into a wonderful meditation which I found difficult before.

The memory of December returned and I linked in with some of the things that came through so strongly last month. I found myself walking through Pine Tree Woods, amongst the ancient trees, and felt their strength and vitality, which I soaked up gratefully.

This was such a powerful reminder of the healing power of scent and it is available at such little cost. Nature provides us with a thousandfold of scent experiences, if only we take the time to connect. The more we do it, the more tuned in we become. That is why the quote above resonated deeply. I walk about 2 to 3 hours in nature a day. I can smell the change in seasons and the weather. Blessed as I am living by the ocean, I smell the different scents of earth and sea. It tells me when a storm is brewing, when rain is coming, or when the sap is rising. It connects me with Mother Earth on so many levels that I have no words to describe it. But all of it is deeply healing.

If you can't always get out, invest in a few high quality, organic essential oils and experiment with the scents. It is a wonderful way to beat depression, scatteredness, sadness and, listlessness. Browse the web for some recipes and try them out. Take the time to experience them, let them register in your body. Sense the shifts and changes it brings about.

Here are a few of my favourite blends:

To beat stress: - Lavender, Frankincense, & Orange. - Lavender, Pine and Lime - Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender.

To overcome fatigue: - Peppermint and Geranium - Eucalyptus and Rosemary - Orange, Lemon and Peppermint - Rosemary, Peppermint and Basil

To beat the blues: - Grapefruit, Lavender and Geranium - Clary Sage. Vetiver and Bergamot - Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Sandalwood

To beat anxiety: - Cedarwood, Orange and Chamomile - Sandalwood, Bergamot, Rose, Orange

Wishing you all a beautiful day.

With Love,

BeeBee <3

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