8 highly underrated crystals that create more harmony in our lives

Crystals and crystal healing are becoming more and more popular and mainstream in modern society. What once used be bit of an obscure healing modality is now becoming widely accepted and common practice. Hurrah for that! The crystalline realms have so much wisdom and healing to share, and they are contributing widely to a greater awakening across the globe. With the exceptional growth in general popularity, new finds make their way onto the market every year, and never seen before varieties - with the promise of ever higher states of consciousness to be achieved through them - find their way into our homes; often with a big price tag to match.

Whilst many are scrambling to get a piece of the latest new specimens, I find myself coming back to my "simple" old companions again and again. They have served me well so many times before and they still have much to teach me.

I see this race for the latest trend wherever I look, not just in the crystal world, but across the whole spiritual movement: new and incredibly complex healing and ascension modalities are being favoured to ancient, proven practices, especially as the latest wonder often comes with the hidden promise of a quick fix and an end to all your problems. Whilst some of these newly developed and available techniques may indeed be a natural progression for the advanced seekers of truth, I often observe a tendency to skip the hard work of building solid foundations through deeply grounded, structured soul searching and shadow work, favouring the latest high frequency treatment instead. You may not like to read this, but if you cannot find and own your truth through a daily practice of meditation and contemplation, then I very much doubt that a session of high frequency lightbody activations will sort your life out. The same goes for high frequency crystals. If you haven't learnt to become fully attuned to the teachings of commonly found crystals, then a piece of Phenacite, Moldavite or Super7 will very likely blow your top off.

Some of the most common crystals are so often overlooked in favour of other, higher frequency ones. Yet I have found that the crystals mentioned below have brought me back to my truth and core again and again. All of these are highly underrated and undervalued in the profound healing and wisdom they have to offer.



Amethyst brings us the gift of knowledge and understanding. It helps us process and accept the many situations and challenges that we are faced with as we journey through life. By aligning us with our higher self, the cosmos and source it brings clarity of thought, solutions and the profound wisdom of the ages in order to help us navigate the more turbulent stages of our lives.

It teaches us to be fully anchored in the soul and that if we are fully aligned, above and below, we can indeed handle anything that may cross our path. A sense of peacefulness spreads throughout, even amidst the chaos of the storm, and learn to discern between what is truth and what is illusion.

With its gift of the Violet Flame energy it helps us transmute and release any lower frequencies that may stop us from fully stepping into our power. It powerfully assists us in letting go and overcoming anger, grief, anxiety and fear, and learning to go with the flow of life instead of fighting against it all the time.

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is its deep understanding of belonging. Understanding that home is where the heart is at this moment in time and that if we let go of the illusion of separation, we truly come home to ourselves. It is a gentle sense of quiet joy, purpose and total acceptance of all that is.


With its blessings of strength, boldness, courage, protection, inspiration and abundance, Pyrite is a powerful healer of the Solar Plexus in particular, but it also reaches deep into the Sacral and Heart chakras too.

With its strong, masculine and deeply grounding energy it helps us stay fully anchored in our truth and shining our light brightly. Pyrite encourages us to overcome the many conditionings of our spirit and soul -unshackling us from any limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that we may have carried within all this time. It is a powerful ally for those who are striving to increase their abundance through new business ventures, especially when infused with the promise of being in service to others and the planet in some way. It stirs our imagination and slumbering dreams and kicks our backend into action in order to follow our destiny and soul purpose.

When we have fully embodied the wisdom of Pyrite, we become contented and happy with who we are and what we do, without the need to compare or compete with others. Simply shining brightly and bringing inspiration, joy and happiness to the world.

Rose Quartz

The gorgeous, wonderfully soft, yet oh so strong Rose Quartz. Whatever it is you may need; a soothing hug full of light and love or a gentle yet powerful reminder that you can overcome anything and you have all the tools you need to thrive on this planet ~ Rose Quartz offers it all.

If all the people in the world would attune to the wisdom of Rose Quartz, there would be no more wars. Rose Quartz powerfully destroys any illusions of separation and guides us into the healing sanctuary of the awakened soul. With immeasurable compassion and gentleness it will reveal all darkness within and transmutes it into light. It teaches us that we are perfectly imperfect at all times and that we are loved and lovable beyond anything we know. By learning to love and accept ourselves, we cannot but love and accept the others in our lives just as they are. And if we cannot do that, it will teach us how to let go gracefully and unconditionally, without the usual anger and bitterness.

Forgiveness and compassion, those are the gifts of Rose Quartz.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is actually really hard to find nowadays. Whilst still available as tumbles and a few choice carvings such as Buddhas and hearts, it is mainly found as part of cheap Chakra sets and Reiki wands and "activators".

And I find this such a shame as Green Aventurine is one of those wonderfully balancing, happy go lucky crystals, that instantly lifts the spirits and brings a much more harmonious energy into our environments and homes.

Green Aventurine is a wonderful balancer and its main gift is well-being and good fortune. It helps us put things in perspective and reminds us that Mother Nature accomplishes everything, yet never hurries. With its beautiful shimmerings of enclosed Mica, it helps us see beyond any deception and reflect with care and discernment. It encourages us to trust our gut instinct in all we do, but especially when it comes to all things concerning business and finance. With this gift of good business acumen, good fortune and deep understanding that everything has its divine timing this is a wonderful ally for those who are embarking on new projects, travel and business ventures.

Green Aventurine is also a wonderful harmoniser for relationships of all kinds, be it family, friends or in the work-environment. Children love its happy and wholesome energy and it will often calm an over-tired or over-excited child in little time. It is also a wonderful aid for those who are overcoming a bout of dis-ease, such as colds and flues. It will encourage the immune system to spring into action and takes the edge of the symptoms, whatever they may be.

Red Jasper

Because Red Jasper is red, a lot of people think it will perhaps be too powerful a stone. Yet when you work with it, you will find that it is strong, but gentle in its ways.

Red Jasper is a stone of patience and persistence, of endurance, good timing and connecting to the ancient lore of the land and the ancestors that walked here long before us. It teaches us that there is a season for everything and that using force will do no good at all. Rather be in the flow of Mother Nature and work with her, that is where the true power lies.

Red Jasper is a stone of strong,steady foundations, considered action and keen observation. It grounds scattered energy and an overactive brain that is going round and round in circles. The incessant mind chatter is stopped in its tracks, and you will find yourself slowing right down for the first time in ages. Just like a great big STOP sign, it will halt any unproductive "faffing" and ask us to look at any chaos in our life. Only when we are aware of the chaos can we begin the steady sorting out so we can return to a state of order and structure again.

Smokey Quartz

One of my absolute favourites and invaluable to the Empath, Smokey Quartz first introduced itself to me as the Bone-Collector.. After this rather perplexing intro it continued to show me its many gifts of release, discernment, protection, boundaries and seeing beyond the many smoke screens that we find in our lives, be they the little lies we keep telling ourselves out of convenience or the many deceptions we come across when dealing with others.

Discerned detachment and knowing thyself come to mind for Smokey Quartz as it teaches us to be the change we wish to see. It will shine a light into all those dark corners of your soul and open the proverbial closets to let all your skeletons walk free. This is not a crystal to be underestimated at any time and if you have shit to own, then Smokey Quartz will make you wear it with pride. And whilst it may seem without mercy whilst nudging you relentlessly to delve through the ruins of your life, it at the same time becomes your powerful ally of protection and transmutation, cleansing and ridding you of all that you have now understood and are ready to let go of.

Smokey Quartz is the ultimate guardian for Empaths, as wearing one will shield and protect them from absorbing too much of the quantum soup slopping around and help them release any energies which may have been absorbed throughout the day. It helps Empaths discern whether this is their or foreign energy that is is making them experience what they are and helps in releasing any energy that does not belong to themselves.


Rhodonite is a wonderfully supportive, earthy crystal that helps us overcome disappointments and heart-ache. It teaches that persistence and steady resolve will get us wherever we wish to go and that time is a great healer. This is a real knitty-gritty stone which will encourage us to get up, dust off our knees and try again, over and over again. This is a stone of personal empowerment, a stone that puts heart back into you and will help you express your passion and drive in order to better the world.

Although closely related to the soft and fluffy Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite is down to earth and practical. There is no room for airy-fairyness or wispy wishfulness here. Rhodonite is all about getting real, getting grounded and getting things done. It helps us approach all we do with love but also with healthy boundaries in place. Deeply grounding and with the added speckle of black within it also protects and shields. Rhodonite teaches us how to stay calm in difficult situations and how to deal with challenging people, remaining centred and in our own power all the way.

Rhodonite will help you shift any bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviour, encouraging you to achieve your full potential always. Perhaps its greatest gift lies within its support during times of great transition, grief, trauma and serious illness, offering strength, courage, understanding and immense heart support in order to heal and overcome.


If chaos reins in your life, then Fluorite is your friend. With its cubic system it resonates to the structurally supportive number 4, which is all about creating sound foundations, order and stability.

Fluorite focuses the mind, brings clarity and direction and helps lift brain fog. It is highly protective, centering and grounding, It increases concentration and the ability to hold information. At the same time it stabilises the emotions and calms frayed nerves, which is why it is such a wonderful crystal for students and pupils of all ages.

Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colours and each colour has a whole host of additional properties. Whilst the vibrant green variety brings emotional balance and increased well-being and vitality, the purple variety will create a healthy and "sane" relationship with the higher realms. Pink is wonderfully supportive, blue wonderfully calming and yellow full of joy and happiness. The one thing they all have in common is that whatever gift they bring, they bring it in a wonderfully balanced, stable way.

Overcoming the Ego - Healing the lower chakras

I come back to these treasures, which are readily available and don't cost the Earth, again and again. They have wonderful gifts of healing and understanding for the awakening soul and encourage us to become the best version of us that we can possibly be. This is all grounded, solid, stable transformation, which is exactly what is needed at this time.

I often say that if humanity would only learn to heal their lower 3 chakras, the Base, the Sacral and the Solar Plexus, then this planet would be a much better place to be. Overcoming the limitations of our ego-based needs, all of which are driven through those 3 chakras, should be our first priority before exploring the lofty realms of other dimensions. Healing the wounds of these first 3 chakras and balancing their energies is actually the first step into the new realities and possibilities of a 5D existence. Skip the process on your path of ascension and you will soon find yourself back in the painful depths of ego-driven misery and confusion.

With Love,

BeeBee xxx

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