Crystals to attract more Abundance into your Life

Cosmic Ordering, Law of Attraction, Manifesting your Dreams ~ whatever you want to call it ~ we are becoming increasingly aware of the beautiful magic we can create by focusing our intention through the power of thought and matching our vibration with what we wish to achieve. Want to speed up the process and enhance the message? Include crystals in your ceremony!

There are lots of crystals that will help us in attracting more abundance ~ health, wealth and happiness ~ and by incorporating these within our little manifestation rituals we can intensify our message to the Universe and create a little abundance portal that will pull all the goodness in long after we have finished setting our intentions in ritual. It is called gridding.

Gridding is the use of specific crystal layouts on sacred geometry patterns. These are immense power enhancers themselves. My personal favourite is the Flower Of Life as it holds all other geometric patterns within, but you can use anything from Spirals, the Infinity symbol to Metatron's Cube, the Platonic Solids, or Archemdian Solids. Understanding and working with Sacred Geometry is an art and full study in itself.

So when wanting to work a little Crystal Magic, I create a sacred grid with crystals that hold, and therefore attract more of a specific vibration. In this case - I am looking to attract more Abundance. Below are a few crystals that I love to incorporate into my grids for this specific purpose, and they all do the job beautifully <3

A good time to do this is at New Moon, which is the symbolic time of the void full of potential and new beginnings. Arrange the crystals on the grid and infuse the grid with your intention. You may like to leave a little letter to the Universe clearly outlining your manifestation wish under the whole grid. Make a beautiful ceremony of it, by including sacred smokes, mediation time and prayers. You may like to light some candles and include burning some aromatherapy oils or a special incense. When you are done with the setting up and infusing of your intent, close the ceremony down but leave your grid activated. Preferably in the abundance corner of your house (far west, where the sun goes down). You may want to leave it up until Full Moon and give thanks for all the abundance received, or leave intact until the next New Moon and reinfuse the whole with a new ceremony.


Often called Fools Gold, but there is nothing foolish about it, trust me! Pyrite is one of the purest crystals on the golden ray and has the wonderful gift of making the non-manifest (our dreams and wishes) manifest. It's beautiful shine and sparkle reminds us of all that is precious and basks us in that beautiful golden glow. It powerfully heals our Solar Plexus - seat of our willpower, ego and assertiveness and helps us overcome feelings of unworthiness and lack of self-esteem.

Golden Rainbow (Optical) Calcite

The joy and hope held within this honey golden beauty is beyond words. It instantly lifts

our mood, brings positivity and a brighter outlook. And we all know that there is a pot of gold waiting for us at the end of the rainbow!

Orange Calcite

You cannot look at Orange Calcite and not smile. It is such a happy, radiant crystal, brimming over with self-confidence, happiness and joy. Whenever I work with Orange Calcite I am reminded of the smell of a freshly peeled orange, a powerfully uplifting smell in itself. When vibrating on this level of joy, what can go wrong? Exactly. Nothing.


Liquid Sunshine, that is what this beauty holds for us. One of the most powerful crystals for manifestation, imagination and will power it clearly sends out the signal that you are ready to receive. It powerfully transmutes blockages you may hold in your solar plexus and thus opens they way for more happiness and prosperity to come in. Natural Citrine (not the heat treated Amethyst) should always be preferred. Its purity and golden joy is so much more powerful.


Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, which is why it is so highly prized by the Chinese. And that is exactly what it does. Its velvet green deliciousness speaks of deep healing and abundant promises. It is revered across the globe as a powerful talisman for good luck and protection.

Bloodstone & Green Moss Agate

Both of these are little abundance magnets. Closely linked to Mother Nature, they will support growth and healing in many a way. They powerfully attract new openings and opportunities, especially for new business start ups and young entrepreneurs.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is so often overlooked, yet it is one of the best crystals to attract Love, Happiness, Well Being and Good Luck! Its fresh green colour reminds us of healthy growth and prosperity and reminds us that Nature never hurries, yet accomplishes all ~ in divine timing.

Tiger Eye

A powerful talisman for protection and good luck, Tiger Eye is said to attract prosperity and success in any venture. Its golden bands shimmer beautifully when moved about in the sunlight, reflecting our true power back to us. This is the stone of Kings and Emperors, full of masculine strength and potential.


Not necessarily a crystal that attracts abundance, but Carnelian is one of the main stones of personal strength, courage and overcoming obstacles. It connects us deeply with our inner core and spiritual womb ~ where our inspired ideas are created, nurtured and born into reality. It also powerfully heals any imbalances in our sacral chakra, where our deepest conditionings slumber - and will help you overcome childhood impressions that are stopping you from allowing abundance into your life right now.


The Holy Grail Of Life, overflowing with Chi - Life Force and all that comes with it. That is what Garnet is to me. Full of passion, enthusiasm, power, assertiveness and abundance, it would be rude not to include it!

So, next time you are setting new abundance intentions, why not incorporate the help of crystals? Get gridding with any of the above crystals. You can print out flower of life patterns directly from Google.

If you want to order your own gridding board, such as I am using in the picture above, you can order them from Esther at Moonkestrels Nest:

Or have one painted by Julie of Chakra Doodles:

In loving Gratitude, Bee Bee xxx

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