Crystals for Mercury Retrograde & Introspection

Oh how l love Mercury Retrograde. A much-needed and appreciated time for gentle introspection and reflection. A slowing down. A time of more BEing and less DOing. A time to take stock, look back, look forward. A time to nourish the soul whilst we journey deep into the less visited corners of our psyche and emotions, tuning into the shadows of our hidden world of Feelings, memories and experiences. And yes, our forgotten dreams, too.

And then, today I, once again stumbled over yet another scare-mongering article about Mercury-Retrograde and how everything under the sun can only go wrong ~ communication, technology, job, family, home. It saddens me to see these articles featured on "big" sites with a lot of following, knowing that most of the followers will hungrily, gullible, swallow the "medicine" and go through life for the next 3 weeks thinking that nothing can go right and that everything can now be blamed on poor Mercury.

It is a worrying trend I see becoming mainstream, where all the "bad news" aspects of spirituality, astrology, space weather & ascension are highlighted and even blown out of all proportion in order to get the most likes, clicks and shares. What used to define the "New Age" and Spiritual movement ~ discernment & free, detached thinking ~ is turning back into the grey, controlled masses of linear and indoctrinated thinking. There is nothing New Age about the New Age movement anymore and the spiritual seekers have once again turned into sheep. We are, once again, being programmed and taught what to think, not how to think (freely).

And then I stumbled over this beautiful quote by Osho:


"I teach you transcendence – neither positive nor negative. Be a watcher: witness both. When there is day, witness the day, and when there is night, witness the night – and don't get identified with either. You are neither the day nor the night; you are the transcendental consciousness. Become more and more centered there in that transcendence."

~ Osho

And this, my loves, is the beauty and medicine of an empowered Mercury Retrograde period. A beautiful time to observe, take note, inspect, reflect and process, but with a healthy dose of detachment from the human drama & turmoil.

We are now well into the 1st Mercury Retrograde of 2018, which lasts from March 22 until April 15 and is taking place in the fire-sign of Aries. This first quarter has literally flown by and with lots of fire energy around, this is an important time to stand still for a moment to see, feel and listen. Is all this creative fire we are harnessing coming into any good? Is it joyously kindling your flame of existence and creation or is it burning the house down? How many seeds have you sown and how many are germinating? Which seedlings are strong and which are weak? Time to pick through! And have you got enough energy to keep all of the remaining ones going? Have you got the resources to nourish all of these to full fruition? Be discerning and objective in your musings. It will help you make wise choices as to where to continue focusing your energy, but also where perhaps it is time to let go with grace before you are all burnt out trying to handle to much. Fire energy is immensely powerful but needs to be wielded with care. Control is easily lost and things can easily run out of hand, so be vigilant and in tune with your Self..

I am often asked what crystals are good to work with during Mercury Retrograde. Here I am sharing the companions I often choose, singly or as a group, to help me reflect deeply yet without getting too involved in any drama, pain and disappointment that may arise. And who knows, you may even, like me at this moment in time, look at all your seeds and saplings, and think: Actually ~ I am doing well, I am pleased and content, and life is good. Let's hold the focus.


All types of Moonstone help us gently reflect and ponder. Bringing us in touch with our hidden emotions and deepest desires, it helps us acknowledge, embrace & process these through the eyes of the Crone. Moonstone reminds us of our inner strength, knowing and ancient wisdom we all carry within. It reminds us that there are many aspects to life, and that there is a divine time for everything: for dreaming and grounded reality, for living and dying, for growing and shrinking, for fullness and emptiness. All is part of life and this too, shall pass.


Hypersthene is not one of the “mainstream” crystals and little known, but invaluable for inner knowing, reflection and discernment. It helps us process, understand and learn the valuable lessons that life has in store for us, and reminds us that there are no good or bad lessons, just experiences that help us grow and unfold forever more. Hypersthene powerfully connects us with our higher self and our soul essence, helping us access true soul wisdom. This helps us make empowered decisions in life ~ following our true compass of the heart. Hypersthene has a wonderful ability to slow everything down for us, almost to the point of where time stands still, so that we can enter that place of inner silence in order to commune with the all-knowing soul.


There are few crystals that help us reflect and see with the inner wisdom of the Shaman as Lodolite does. Whichever way we turn the stone, new aspects and insights are to be gained and we understand that nothing is ever quite as it seems. Hidden realms and depths are uncovered and many a veil is lifted until we find ourselves in a wondrous world where everything is possible, and yet nothing is real ~ yet. The Shaman knows. The Shaman sees. The Shaman journeys wherever he needs to go, be it Upper World, Lower World or Middle World, in order to find the medicine he needs to cure the turmoil and imbalance of the human spirit, without fear, without distraction. Such is the gift of Lodolite.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is what I call the Bone-Collector. Whatever skeletons you may have hanging around in your proverbial closets, Smokey Quartz will find them, bring them up for you to see, acknowledge, understand and then release them for you, whilst, all the while, holding you in a gentle, protective bubble so that you can do this sacred inner work.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

A little (much) softer than the pure Black Obsidian, this crystal will help you see and take responsibility for your actions and choices, reaffirm your boundaries, give you immense inner strength and much detachment from the emotional turmoil that we create for ourselves when making the “wrong” choices whilst gently reminding us that there is no such thing as a wrong choice, but simply experience, and that with the right focus and will power, we can absolutely get to where we wish to be. We must, however, be willing to pay a sacrifice ~ to face all our fears boldly, courageously and without hesitation. When we are willing to do so, it will free us from all our outdated connections, ties, cords and attachments that no longer serve.


The greatest medicine of Amethyst is to be able to stand in the eye of the storm and be still. It teaches us that Life will unfold whichever way it will, and that there is a greater, deeper plan in all of this which we may not be aware of at this moment in time, but that better times are awaiting us ~ soon! Have faith, the Universe has something even better than your wildest dreams in store for you. But for now, be still, within the eye of the storm.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is Life. Red Jasper is Earth. Red Jasper is Time. Red Jasper teaches us that Nature accomplishes everything yet is never in a hurry. Divine timing, my Child. Patience, endurance and persistence is what I teach.

Let go of the fear-mongering hype around this powerful period of introspection and learning. It has so much to teach. It will empower you beyond the realms of the ordinary and help you recalibrate your inner compass so that you can focus on what truly matters in your life.

With Love,


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