Amethyst ~ a steadfast companion for those who are grieving.

Hello Sweet Souls <3

I have been asked 3 times today about a good crystal to help through times of grief. And so I thought I would share about my go-to stone in times of grief.

It doesn't matter what kind of grief this is ~ the loss of a loved one through death or separation, the loss of a job we loved or a friend who moved away, or even the loss of an old part of ourselves or rediscovery of an old trauma that was hidden away deep within the vaults of our sub-conscious... it is all a letting go, a transcendence. And we often feel lost and empty during that process of readjustment, of learning to live with that "emptiness", that gaping hole within, which seems so hard to fill and soothe. Amethyst helps us work through this transition.

Amethyst ~ a steadfast companion for those who are grieving.

Comfort in times of sadness, Acceptance, surrender, eternal wisdom.

Amethyst, this humble, yet oh so lofty, and sadly often overlooked crystal gifts us the understanding to our lessons in life, especially endings and death. The colour of our crown chakra, it represents the end of the journey, the culmination, the Omega, the return to all that is. Amethyst helps us accept what is and infuses our hearts and minds with courage, endurance, strength and deep insights into the cycles of life. It is timeless, and brings the wisdom of graceful flow, of letting go what needs to transcend and come to an end with love. It helps us to surrender, deep within our pain, yet instilling faith, and yes, a glimmer of hope, in the knowledge that better times lay ahead, and that we will heal and rise from this too.

Amethyst invites us to surrender to change, to stop fighting the flow of life, because the greatest lesson in life is that nothing will ever stay the same. All is constantly evolving and no matter how hard we may cling on to that which we know and love so dearly, there comes an end to everything at some point. Learning to let go with grace and ease, and even joy in the knowing that we have loved but now lost is not only a sign of mastery of life, but also the end of our eternal suffering.

With Love,

BeeBee xxx

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