Refreshing Crystal Grids - a step by step guide

Today I felt the need to refresh my personal grid, the grid that I created to hold space for me and my plans this year. I have had a personal grid on the go for well over a year now and when you leave a grid up continuously, it is important to check in with it every now and then. Crystals work hard for us, especially when created with the intent to work some serious magic for us. Every now and then they need some serious tlc, both energetically as well as some serious cleaning and dusting. Here I explain how I go about this with my personal grid.

I usually know when it is time to refresh my grid, I will get a "nudge", an urge to do it. Sometimes it is only after me wondering why it feels like things seem to be slowing down or become a little stagnant and sluggish that I think of it, sometimes it is simply a matter of getting up with the grid on my mind and a knowing that it is time to give it a good cleanse. And sometimes you look at it and think "hmm, the sparkle has gone. Time for a refresh."

I do try and refresh it monthly, but when life gets hectic it can easily be forgotten or overlooked. Be sure to take note though when you get a nudge and plan a couple of hours for a refresh very soon. As with all things, there needs to be an exchange. Crystals and crystal grids can only create magic when we keep the magic alive by honouring the crystals and the process. Energy flows where the focus goes. A little TLC, Love and Gratitude is all that is needed to keep the energies flowing freely. When we neglect and ignore our grids, their energy will turn dull, stagnant and heavy and results will be far from optimum.

Before I begin this task, I always check in with myself. I will make time for a little meditation, cleanse and prepare myself, put music on which I feel is fitting of the moment for me and come into the space with the right mindset. This is sacred ceremony, and whenever we work with our crystals, grids and intentions, it is only befitting to enter into this process with the right attitude and state of mind and soul.

So the first thing I do is take my yantra (the grid board) with all the crystals out of its designated space (for me this happens to be an alcove in the wall). Any fragile crystals that could fall off are taken off the grid before I move the whole thing. Once in a safe location where I can work on it, I then take all the other crystals off.

The next step is to cleanse all the crystals. I prepare very gentle salt baths for those that are fine with a little salt water, and dust and polish any crystals that aren't happy with water. My grid consists of Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Ruby, Golden Topaz and Golden Labradorite, Moldavite, Pyrite Sphere, Pyrite sun disc and a strand of gorgeous Amber. Besides the Pyrite and Amber all will happily enjoy the salt water baths, but the Pyrite gets a good dusting with a simple paint brush made of natural hair and the amber has a quick bathe under cold running water, then a good drying off and then a gentle rub with a tiny bit of olive oil that I have rubbed into my hand.

When I feel the crystals have been refreshed and cleansed in their baths I run them under the tap and make sure that all the salt is washed off fully. I also just prefer to finish any water cleansing with the movement of running water, be it in a spring, the sea or under a running tap. I use a little strainer so even small crystals are perfectly safe and without risk of running away with the water into the drain. I then pat all crystals dry.

My Yantra was made by the lovely Esther Richardson who runs Moonkestrel's Nest ( I chose the Seed of Life design for my personal grid as I use this for manifestation mostly, and it is burnt onto a stunning piece of Oak. Once brushed and dusted off, I re-oil the board by rubbing a little bit of olive oil into both sides with a cloth. Then I wait until the wood has absorbed it all, give it another polish and it is good to go and we are ready to re-grid the board.

Now, before you begin this task, it is a good time to really sit with the board and your crystals. Does it all feel refreshed? Do all the crystals still feel relevant or is it perhaps time to take something away and/or add something new? Does it still fully resonate with you and the space it is holding for you? Sometimes new crystals wish to be integrated to notch it up a bit or simply because you have evolved and new energies are called for in order to honour this personal growth.

When you are (still) happy with the chosen crystals, you can begin re-laying them onto the board. As I have a lot of little chips on my grid, this is a lovely, meditative process in itself for me. Whilst laying them all out, I will reaffirm all the things I wish to create and bring to fruition in my mind. I will hold the very best outcome in my heart and already feel gratitude for all the amazing things coming my way. I also honour the past by thanking the Universe for all the amazing things that have already come to fruition. I also honour myself, for the continuous growth and hard work I put into my personal evolution. This is an important part of the process, as this (re)infuses the grid with our desires and intent.

When all the crystals are back in place and you are happy with the grid as it is it is time to focus your attention to the place where it usually lives. I give his space a good energetic cleanse and physical clean too, so dusting, washing down, drying, smudging etc. When all is well in the space, then you can place your grid back into its spot.

Once settled back in, I will light new candles, give the whole arrangement a ceremonial cleanse and blessing with the use of sound (Tibetan Tingshas or Tuning Forks), and another good smudge, but this time with Palo Santo too, as I find this lifts the vibration so much more. I will then reaffirm loudly whatever it is I wish to bring to fruition next, thank the Universe for its continued support and seal the process with a prayer of gratitude and blessings. I have a little note with my next projects and affirmations under the grid, including an abundance cheque that I have written for myself. You may like to do this for yourself too. I also often place my vision board behind or under the grid.

You will notice once you have done all of this, the whole area will feel very different, the grid will feel vibrant and alive again, and you will most likely feel a lot clearer and focused too! And as so often is the case, all of a sudden you will become aware of little synchronicities and miracles happening again.

I hope this little guide was helpful to you. Trust the process, feel free to experiment with ways that work for you and be free in your expression and creativity and go with your hunches on (new) crystals that wish to be incorporated. Your gut and your soul knows <3

Happy manifesting!

With Love,

BeeBee xxxx

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